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Foxy Land

At the very beginning of Foxy Land, a romantic date with your lovely vixen is abruptly interrupted by a viciously descending bird of prey. As it carries away the one you hold most dear, you’re left with but one option — fight your way through all the perils and save your love.

You’ll definitely enjoy this exciting Mario-like pixel-art platform game. After a couple of introductory levels, the gameplay gets progressively more challenging, up to a point you could even call it hard. The 2D graphics are simple yet very enjoyable, complementing the gameplay flawlessly.

How to play Foxy Land

To complete each level in Foxy Land, you must collect all the diamonds and reach the hut at the end of the stage. There are also cherries to collect along the way, which can be used to purchase fancy accessories in the shop. These items don’t affect the gameplay but only make the heroic fox look even more awesome.

Certain platforms you’ll jump on are unreliable and will crumble if you stay on them for too long. Kill various monsters by jumping on their heads, but keep in mind that the eliminated foes will respawn. In some cases, it’s a good idea to hide from your enemies in the bushes — they can’t kill what they don’t see!

Some of the diamonds will be in hard-to-reach places. In these cases, look around for a lever — pulling it will create additional platforms around the map or open a door, thus enabling you to complete the level. You’ll also come across trampolines, and they're usually in the spots where you can make good use of them.

What are the controls for Foxy Land?

Foxy Land is a PC browser game, and a keyboard is required to play.

  • A — Left
  • D — Right
  • S — Duck, go down the ladder, jump off branches
  • W — Jump, double-jump


  • Old-school 2D platform game with challenging gameplay
  • Fight through many levels to save your beloved vixen
  • Unlock awesome accessories
  • Extremely difficult bonus levels

Release date

March 2023




All devices

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