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Gangster Shooting Police Game

Step in the shoes of the meanest Mafioso and punish the rival gang members for their wrongdoings in Gangster Shooting Police Game! This 3D action game skillfully combines driving and third-person shooter elements. Unlock awesome rides in the “Garage” and more lethal weapons in the “Armoury”, and don’t forget to come back again tomorrow to claim your Daily Reward!

How to play Gangster Shooting Police Game

Nobody said being a made man is easy. The phone is ringing all the time, and you’re everyone’s go-to guy. If you just want to clear your head for a little bit, decline a few missions and drive through the city just for the pleasure of it.

Certain missions require you to shoot down enemies that harmed your family, meaning you’ll have to step out of the vehicle and make the business personal. Don’t waste your ammo, and shoot only when close enough to ensure a clean kill. If you ever find yourself in an unfavorable situation, you can always enter your ride by pressing “F”, no matter how far away it is.

Sometimes you won’t even have to get out of the car to complete the mission — when you need to destroy an enemy’s vehicle by colliding with it. Your awesome ride can be destroyed too, so be wary of the health bar.

What are the controls for Gangster Shooting Police Game?

Gangster Shooting Police Game is currently playable exclusively in a PC browser.

  • WASD keys — movement
  • Esc — pause
  • Space — jump
  • F — enter or leave the vehicle
  • R — reset the car
  • I — instructions
  • Left mouse button — shoot
  • Right mouse button — aim


  • Drive awesome cars and kill rival gang members
  • Unlock more powerful weapons and rides
  • Complete missions or explore the city at your own pace

Release date

March 2023




All devices

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