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Heavy Jeep Winter Driving

Driving in a snowy landscape has never been more pleasurable than in Heavy Jeep Winter Driving! And you don’t even need the snow chains! Your trusty four-by-four is very stable and won’t overturn that easily. This off-road monster is capable of overcoming even the steepest of hills, and it also doesn’t suffer any damage even if you hit a few cars here and there. Set in a cozy mountainous village covered in ice and snow, this entertaining game features two different game modes. Complete up to 10 missions in “Career mode” or drive through the idyllic landscape for the pure joy of it in the “Free mode”. You can also change the camera to the first-person perspective for extra immersion.

How to play Heavy Jeep Winter Driving

In the “Free mode”, as its name suggests, you can do anything you want, making it a good place to start. Drive around for a while to figure out how your awesome vehicle behaves on a snowy road. You’ll quickly notice that most NPCs drive like maniacs, but since they can’t really harm you, there’s no need to worry about it. If you’re feeling adventurous, look for the highest hill and attempt to reach the top.

In the “Career mode”, you can complete up to 10 different stages. The tasks vary from reaching a series of checkpoints along the road, collecting certain objects scattered around the landscape, or reaching a specific destination in the given amount of time.

What are the controls for Heavy Jeep Winter Driving?

Heavy Jeep Winter Driving is playable for free in a PC browser. Use WASD or arrow keys for gas, brakes, reverse, and steering. Hit the space button to use the hand brake.


  • A magnificent four-by-four snowy road driving simulation
  • Two different game modes
  • First-person driving provides an immersive experience

Release date

March 2023




All devices

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