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Game Kogama War 4 preview
Game Kogama War 4 preview

Kogama War 4

Kogama War 4

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Kogama War 4

Participate in free-for-all 4-team deathmatch battles for dominion over the pixelated blocky realm in the exciting first-person shooter Kogama War 4! Each of the red, blue, green, and yellow teams has its own fortress in which the players will spawn. The map layout is simple and symmetric, specifically designed to let you completely focus on the action-packed PvP gameplay.

At each base, there are dozens of different deadly weapons scattered on the floor and ready for the taking. Whether you like sniping from the fort walls or want to go and fight in the highly contested middle of the map, this game is all about pure non-stop shooting mayhem. Work together with your teammates to dominate the arena and annihilate the enemies!

How to play Kogama War 4

Besides revolvers, bazookas, automatic, and laser guns, thereโ€™s a unique weapon called the block gun. These guns spew blocks that can be used to fortify your defenses, contain opponents, and build walls, stairways, or a variety of different potentially useful structures.

The middle of the map is essentially a square connecting all four sides of the map. This area is always under heavy fire, therefore attempting to traverse it alone and breach into the enemy fortress without support from teammates will most likely end fatally.

What are the controls for Kogama War 4?

Kogama War 4 is yet to be mobile optimized, and you can currently play it exclusively in a PC browser. The list of controls is shown below:

  • Move โ€” WASD/arrow keys
  • Shoot โ€” Left mouse button
  • Aim โ€” Mouse move
  • Pick up weapon โ€” E
  • Holster weapon โ€” Q
  • Jump โ€” Space
  • Suicide โ€” K
  • Toggle fullscreen โ€” O


  • A thrilling FPS 4-team free-for-all deathmatch
  • Simple map design and full-on PvP mayhem
  • Blocky graphics and action-packed gameplay

Release date

January 2024





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