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Merge Cyber Racers


Merge Cyber Racers

Merge Cyber Racers is a fun idle game developed by TinyDobbins that involves merging futuristic cars to create improved vehicles. In this game, players purchase cars and then combine them to upgrade their vehicles.

How to play Merge Cyber Racers?

To upgrade your vehicles, simply merge two identical cars to unlock a newer and better one. Once you've merged your cars, place them on the race track, and each time they cross the finish line, you'll earn coins. There are various car models to unlock, and you can earn more coins by exploring additional opportunities. Return to the game every day to gain access to the game's most valuable car and establish your own empire in the world of cyber racing!


What are the controls for Merge Cyber Racers?

Everything is controlled by clicking with your left mouse button, or by tapping on the screen on mobile devices.



  • Tons of interesting vehicles to upgrade
  • Fun twist on the idle-games genre

July 2021


Cross platform