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Off Road 4x4 Jeep Simulator

If you ever wanted to experience the power of a 4-wheel drive, in both urban and mountainous environments, Off Road 4x4 Jeep Simulator is the perfect game for you! Cruise through the town at your own pace, or tackle steep and treacherous hills, earn money by performing stuns, and spend it to customize your vehicle at the garage.

How to play Off Road 4x4 Jeep Simulator

As you start the game, the interface shows three visible menus:

  • Settings
  • Garage
  • Play now

You can adjust graphics quality and turn the sound off in the settings menu. At the garage, you can customize the looks of your off-roader but also make alterations to your suspension system. After exploring these options, it’s time to immerse into gameplay. There are several game modes available, which are activated by clicking on the desired game mode in-game. It’s important to note that you don’t gain any money by just driving aimlessly, but only by passing through the “gates” which you stumble upon or by doing fancy jumps or drifts. You can also use the “slow-motion” button whenever you want to admire some of the crazy stunts you’re about to perform. If you ever get stuck in a sticky situation, there’s a neat button on the screen which enables you to reset your vehicle’s position. The camera angle is adjustable, so if you feel like you lack a certain level of immersion, try driving with the first-person point of view!

What are the controls for Off Road 4x4 Jeep Simulator?

Off Road 4x4 Jeep Simulator is available both on smartphones and PC. If you enjoy playing on PC, the controls are the following:

  • W, S, A, D: steering
  • Mouse: navigating the camera
  • Left click: additional options (slow-motion, nitro propulsion)
  • Space: hand brake

If you prefer playing the game on your smartphone, you shouldn’t have any trouble figuring it all out.

  • All commands are easily discerned
  • Use right thumbs for gas/breaks and left thumbs for steering/additional commands


  • Try the powerful 4x4 off-roader
  • Vehicle cosmetics are highly customizable
  • Immersive graphics
  • First-person mode

Release date

March 2023




All devices


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