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A unique Match-3 game where you’re also pitted in real-time against another player, Skydom comes in with an all-around fun matching gameplay with unique mechanics to boast, and a ton of fun to go off from!

How to play Skydom?

Skydom starts with the standard Match-3 gameplay where you match similar blocks to clear them, as well as the standard setup for matching specific patterns to get different power-ups to help you clear the board or help with your objective. Among these would be the line-clear powerups which clears a row or a column, bomb powerups that clear everything around them, and fairy powerups that directly helps you with your objective. But these powerups are also directly influenced by what sort of mode you’re playing on, and there’s many more!

1.   Ice Block Levels – Ice blocks are the standard part of each Match-3 game, where you need to clear up a set on top of it to remove it. All powerups also help clear these in kind, making it the easiest to finish.

2.   Acorn Levels – There are also Acorn levels where you need to clear a set beside it in order to turn it over, and there’s also a Pig level where to progress, you’d need to clear these to move the pig along its way.

3.   Stone Levels – Perhaps one of the hardest, stone levels features an unmovable stone where you need to chip it down by clearing things beside it. Powerups such as line-clears are also stopped by these, preventing you to clearing an entire line of stone.

What are the controls for Skydom?

  • Use the Left Mouse Button to interact.
  • For mobile users, simply tap on the icons on the screen to interact.


1.   1v1 Scenarios – At certain levels, you’re pitted against another player where your goal is both the same—and the only difference is how much you can get depending on what your objective is!

2.   Bonus Items – You get bonus items every 1,000 coins earned, use them wisely!

3.   Daily Challenges – Ready to compete with other players on how well you can match? A daily challenge is available to compete on every day which tallies each score of those who do it against one-another. Good luck!

Release date

February 2020


The Pew Pew


All devices

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