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Stack Colors

Stack Colors is a running game in which you’re tasked with collecting as many specifically colored objects as possible before reaching the finish line. You’ll control a diligent stickman pushing a heavy-duty warehouse cart and help it on the quest to amass an oversized stack of goods. There are gates scattered around the track that will change the color of the stickman, and you can only pick up matching objects.

The main protagonist isn’t just some ordinary 9-5 worker, and you’ll witness an epic ninja flying kick just before the cargo crosses the finish line. Is the guy mad at the cargo or unsatisfied with his work environment? Definitely not; he just does it to prove a point and complete the job in style!

How to play Stack Colors

Running over slabs of different colors will shrink your precious stack, and if completely depleted, you’re forced to restart the stage. Picking up incorrect objects most often happens after running through a gate that changes the color of your character, so make sure to switch lanes accordingly. Another way to lose is crashing into any of the differently designed obstacles.

To gain the most points, you must avoid making mistakes. After performing your job flawlessly, you’ll fill up the battery icon and enter the Fever mode. Once you achieve this, you can sit back and relax because your cart grows in width, and all the objects across the track are suitable to collect. Finally, tap repeatedly before crossing the finish line to perform a powerful flying kick and distribute all the goodies.

What are the controls for Stack Colors?

Stack Colors is playable on PC and mobile devices alike. Swipe or click, hold, and move your mouse to guide the stickman across the tracks.


  • 3D stickman running game
  • Hundreds of levels to complete
  • Relaxing and enjoyable gameplay

Release date

February 2023




All devices

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