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Game Super Billy Boy preview
Game Super Billy Boy preview

Super Billy Boy

Super Billy Boy

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Super Billy Boy

Super Billy Boy is a Mario-like 2D action platformer featuring retro graphics, arcade-styled sound effects, and captivating gameplay. Billy and his friend Adduk are on a mission to explore the unknown exoplanet. But once Adduk is abducted by hostile aliens, the priorities change. Guide the daring protagonist through 15 increasingly challenging stages on a quest to save his companion.

Bump into bricks to uncover character upgrades, collect coins to improve your score, and stars in each level to pass it with flying colors. Shoot down a variety of aliens or hop on their heads to eliminate them, precisely leap over gaps to land on solid platforms, and slowly but surely traverse all the obstacles on your way to completing the stage.

How to play Super Billy Boy

The gameplay mechanics aren’t all that complicated, but you must stay 100% focused to perform them flawlessly. There are no checkpoints, so once you perish, in the next attempt you’re starting the stage from the very beginning. Repetition is the mother of learning, so make sure to pinpoint the problematic sections and mentally prepare to tackle them the next time around. Each enemy unit follows an encoded movement and shooting pattern. Make sure to analyze and learn these behaviors so you can eliminate or avoid the hostile aliens easily.

What are the controls for Super Billy Boy?

Super Billy Boy is playable on both mobile and PC devices. Flip your mobile device horizontally to start playing, and tap the easily discerned buttons to move, jump, and shoot. There are two sets of PC controls, both shown in the list below:

  • Run — A/D or left/right arrow keys
  • Jump or fly (it’s actually a slow fall) — W or arrow up keys
  • Shoot — X or J keys
  • Pause — Esc or P keys


  • A Mario-like 2D arcade action platformer
  • Retro graphics, great sound effects, captivating gameplay
  • 15 challenging levels and a final boss fight

Release date

November 2021




All devices

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