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7.5(8 votes)


T-Rally is a rally car driving simulation with a unique twist featuring extraordinary 3D graphics and a realistic physics engine. To unlock additional rally cars, you need to run over terrorists scattered around the racing circuit. This amazing game aims to deliver an authentic driving experience, and learning to control your ride effectively takes some patience and effort.

Each new car model is slightly better than the previous one, making the progression rewarding and entertaining. While there’s only a single track available, every car performs differently on the road and provides a unique experience. This ensures the game remains highly replayable even with only a single racing track. 

How to play T-Rally

It’s important to notice that your rally car won’t slow down unless you’ve applied the brakes, so be gentle with the gas pedal. If you keep pushing the throttle, you’ll have a hard time controlling the ride. Try your best to accommodate the driving speed to the conditions of the road ahead.

Apply brakes before driving through sharp corners and not midway through them. Once you’ve steered your vehicle in the desired direction, push the throttle to gain more traction and achieve better control. 

To master the driving mechanics, it’s a good idea to drive as slowly as you need to in the beginning, and gradually pick up speed once you start feeling more comfortable. If you enjoy a realistic driving experience, this awesome rally game is exactly the one you’ve been looking for.  

What are the controls for T-Rally?

T-Rally is available for free exclusively in a PC browser. Use WASD or arrow keys to drive, and press space to use the hand brake.


  • Realistic rally driving simulation
  • Plenty of powerful cars to unlock
  • Extraordinary 3D graphics and gorgeous car models

Release date

April 2023




All devices

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