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Tank War Multiplayer


Tank War Multiplayer

Establish battleground supremacy and assert dominance in Tank War Multiplayer — a 3D tank driving simulator/third-person shooter game. Vanquish your foes by destroying their tanks, skillfully maneuvering across treacherous terrain to gain the upper hand, and capturing objectives across the map!

How to play Tank War Multiplayer

Rising to victory in Tank War Multiplayer requires capturing vantage points on the battlefield. All of these objectives are easily discerned once you enter the battleground, and to acquire control of each, you need to get close and hold it. The more checkpoints your team controls, the faster your enemies' resources will deplete, this is why capturing and defending them is of the utmost priority.

Once you start the game, there are 3 menus to choose from: “quick matchmaking”, “create room”, and “rooms”. The battlefield is designed to accommodate as many as 8 players, 4 in each opposing team.

Try to avoid sudden aiming movements since it will take a while for your tank’s turret to turn, therefore impairing the accuracy of your shots. Run-and-gun will lead to inaccurate shots as well, so it’s advisable to stop moving before firing your rounds. The best strategy to achieve victory is taking steady, well-aimed shots! Obtaining high-ground advantage sounds like a good idea, however, you should keep in mind that scaling hills that are too steep will destroy your tank.

What are the controls for Tank War Multiplayer?

As for now, Tank War Multiplayer is only available on PC. Use the WASD keys to move and steer your tank, drag the mouse to aim, and left-click to fire.


  • Multiplayer battleground arena
  • 3D tank driving simulator / third-person shooter
  • Capture objectives to turn the tide of nail-biting battles

March 2023


Cross platform