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Toy Car Gear Race

Shift gears by clicking on the six gearbox positions to achieve top speeds in Toy Car Gear Race! If you fail to perform this task after some time, the lane-racing toy car blows up spectacularly. This game is far from demanding, but it is educational if you want to introduce your kid to gear-shifting basics, for example. Pay close attention to the RPM meter and once it reaches the green, click to perform a good shift and pull away from the competition. You can’t choose a toy car to play with, but there are plenty of them available, and you’ll be controlling many different models across up to 35 levels. Be the first to cross the finish line and witness a glorious victory celebration!

How to play Toy Car Gear Race

The gameplay is quite forgiving; you don’t have to perform good shifts every time to win. The model is perpetually moving, and you can only influence its speed using the gearbox. You’ll lose only if your toy car blows up, and this happens if you fail to switch gears for longer than 5 seconds after the RPM meter reaches the maximum value.

Most times, your opponents will pull ahead at the start of the race, since shifting to the first gear from neutral is always too late, regardless of how fast you’re clicking. Don’t despair but focus on performing a couple of good shifts, and you’ll quickly take the lead.

What are the controls for Toy Car Gear Race?

Toy Car Gear Race is playable on both PC and mobile devices. Tap or click on the gearbox to shift gears.


  • Casual and educational gear-shifting game
  • Gorgeous toy car models to control
  • An awesome celebration party is thrown for the winner

Release date

March 2023




All devices

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