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Traffic Racer Pro Online


Traffic Racer Pro Online

Traffic Racer Pro Online is a highway driving game where you’ll earn money for speeding and driving recklessly. While this may sound like an average driver’s dream, it gets even better. There are up to 4 game modes available, 5 cars to play with and upgrade so you can crash your awesome ride even faster! And finally, you can play this entertaining game for free, from the safety of your home, without putting your life and the lives of others in danger.

How to play Traffic Racer Pro Online

To start racing through a busy highway, you must select your car first. While the starting car looks a bit shabby, it can still reach surprisingly high speeds. If you enjoy the gameplay, you’ll quickly earn bucks to purchase more powerful rides. You’ll earn cash by keeping your speed above 100km/h, near-missing the NPC’s vehicles, driving in the opposite direction, and covering as much distance as possible without crashing. Note that NPCs use blinkers when switching lanes, so use this hint to avoid crashes.

The game keeps track of your current best scores for each game mode. In “Time attack”, you have 100 seconds to make as many traffic offenses as possible, but it’s actually quite hard not to crash for so long. In the “Speed bomb” game mode, your vehicle explodes if the bomb health bar reaches zero, so you must keep driving fast.

What are the controls for Traffic Racer Pro Online?

Traffic Racer Pro Online is currently exclusively playable in a PC browser. Use WASD or arrow keys to drive, Esc to pause, and the C key to change the camera perspective.


  • A thrilling busy highway racing game
  • Up to 4 different game modes to try out and 5 cars to play with
  • Highly customizable mechanical and aesthetic features for vehicles

March 2023


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