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0 is a brilliant 2D soccer multiplayer simulator you can play for free today with up to 5 of your friends or against players from all across the globe! Unlike in real football, in this sports game, there are 3 players (+ an NPC goalkeeper) on each opposing team, and the full-time whistle is set to go off at 5 minutes mark. After playing, you might think that football would be better off without referees since unsanctioned sliding tackles or throwing a chair (yeah, that’s right) at your rivals make this game hilariously entertaining and enjoyable.

How to play

The match is played from a bird’s-eye view. Above your character, there’s a stamina indicator, and you can sprint to gain ground faster until it’s been depleted. Notice that your sliding tackles will lunge you in the direction you were running towards, while a shot or pass will be aimed accordingly with your mouse’s pointer position. Don’t forget that there are red cards here, so feel free to stop your rivals from scoring on you by any means necessary.

Make decisive defensive tackles, cooperate and communicate with your teammates to create easier scoring opportunities, share the football, and sprint into open space if you expect to receive an efficient pass from your buddy. Register a account, customize your character, and compete against thousands of players worldwide and climb the international leaderboards.

What are the controls for

Controls for are entirely customizable in the setup menu. The default controls are:

  • Up – W
  • Down – S
  • Left – A
  • Right – D
  • Sprint – Right mouse button
  • Kick – Left mouse button
  • Slide/Throw Chair – space
  • Request a pass – E


  • Highly addictive 3v3 multiplayer football simulator
  • Compete against players worldwide or play with friends
  • Customizable models and controls
  • Defend your goal without any restrictions, even if it means throwing a chair at your rivals

March 2023


Cross platform