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Game Heads Arena: Soccer All Stars preview
Game Heads Arena: Soccer All Stars preview

Heads Arena: Soccer All Stars

Heads Arena: Soccer All Stars

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Heads Arena: Soccer All Stars

Heads Arena: Soccer All Stars is an exquisite 2D soccer simulation you can play Solo or in a 2 vs 2 co-op in both Tournament and Party game modes. Additionally, in the Party mode, you can compete against a mate 1 vs 1, and to make the soccer game the most compelling experience for the entire clique, let all hell break loose in the 4-player 2 vs 2!

This game is definitely the most fun if played with friends. A special bond is formed when there are 4 hands desperately attempting to control tiny soccer heads using the same keyboard. Is it uncomfortable, you may be asking — of course it is — but it’s even more enjoyable!

How to play Heads Arena: Soccer All Stars

The best way to own your friends at any game is to be the first to start playing and then casually introduce them to it. Jokes aside, there are up to 3 AI difficulty levels, and you’ll probably lose a couple of games even on Easy, so the skill cap is pretty high.

Most of the goals conceded in the beginning will be a direct consequence of your own mistakes, most often due to overextending and leaving your goal unprotected. Only sprint into the opponent’s half-field if you’re confident that you’ll score a goal.

What are the controls for Heads Arena: Soccer All Stars?

Up to 4 players can play Heads Arena: Soccer All Stars on the same PC keyboard. The movement/shoot controls for each player are as shown below:

  • Player 1 — Arrow keys/Space bar
  • Player 2 — W, A, D/Q
  • Player 3 — 5, 1, 3/0 (Numpad)
  • Player 4— I, J, L/H


  • A thrilling 2D 1v1 and 2v2 soccer simulation
  • 90 seconds of action-packed gameplay in every match
  • A variety of single-player and multiplayer game modes

Release date

August 2022





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