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Game Offroad Island preview
Game Offroad Island preview

Offroad Island

Offroad Island

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Offroad Island

It’s a perfect playground for all types of motorheads at the Offroad Island, with dozens of Trucks, Quads, Bikes, Crawlers, and even Trailers available at the local Dealership. The vehicle models are spot on, and you can aesthetically Customize them, purchase mechanical part Upgrades, and even engage in fine Tuning of the ride’s performance.

The advanced physics engine is fairly realistic, and flawlessly simple yet eye-catching graphics make for a highly immersive and enjoyable experience. It’s a proper off-road simulation that allows you to switch between front, rear, and 4-wheel driving, and all the camera perspectives, especially the first-person, are worth trying.

How to play Offroad Island

This is essentially an immersive free-driving simulation with no set objectives. The island you’re on is huge, and the surrounding terrain is challenging, but you can drive across mountainous tarmac roads, too. Both aesthetic and performance upgrade menus are extensive, so if you enjoy tinkering with car parts, this is a perfect game to showcase your tuning proficiency.

There are 6 vehicle types in total, and each performs differently on the road. Quads, for example, are a cheap yet exciting ride to try out since their low mass and powerful engines enable them to traverse steep slopes with ease. Make sure to try out as many vehicles as possible until you’ve found the one just right for you!

What are the controls for Offroad Island?

Offroad Island has yet to be mobile optimized and remains a PC browser exclusive for now, which is what one might expect from such a huge and amazing driving simulation.

  • WASD/arrow keys — drive
  • H — front/rear/inter-axle differential lock
  • J — toggle front/rear/4W drive
  • V — toggle rearview
  • G — toggle high/low gear
  • L — headlights
  • C — switch camera perspective
  • U — reset car
  • P — pause


  • An extremely immersive off-road driving simulation
  • 50+ rides across 6 different vehicle categories
  • Realistic driving experience and advanced car physics
  • Aesthetical and mechanical upgrades, fine ride tuning
  • Huge map to freely explore

Release date

April 2024





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