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Game Stormy Kicker preview
Game Stormy Kicker preview

Stormy Kicker

Stormy Kicker

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Stormy Kicker

In Stormy Kicker, you’re playing as a savvy striker, and the objective is to lead a national team through the elimination bracket of the World Cup and finally lift that long-coveted prestigious trophy. You’re well-positioned in the penalty area, and each incoming cross creates a goal-scoring opportunity. 

The gameplay is deceivingly simple but actually quite challenging, especially as you’re approaching the finals. You can’t really move but only swiftly react using a single button to turn the half-chances into goals. Timing is crucial since you must hit the ball at just the right moment to outplay the opposing defenders and beat the goalkeeper. 

How to play Stormy Kicker

The incoming ball’s trajectory is represented on your screen with a dashed line, and the target icon shows the exact spot at which you must hit it. You have to strike decisively with a single touch, whether it’s a header or a volley shot. The tricky part is that if you input the control at the very moment the ball reaches the target icon, you’ll miss it entirely.

Pay close attention to the striker’s animation to determine the optimal timing more easily. Keep in mind that it takes less time to perform headers than volleys. A certain dose of instinct is certainly helpful, but even if you’re not a natural scorer, you’ll quickly get better if you’re willing to learn from your mistakes.

What are the controls for Stormy Kicker?

Stormy Kicker is playable in both PC and mobile web browsers. Timely click or tap anywhere on the screen to initiate a header or volley animation and strike the ball at exactly the indicated spot. Make sure to initiate the animation before the football reaches the target spot, or you’ll miss it completely.


  • 16 national teams competing for the soccer World Cup
  • Striker volley and header goal-scoring simulation
  • Gradually increasing difficulty as you’re nearing the finals

Release date

May 2020


Physical Form


All devices

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