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Dress Up - Games for Girls


Dress Up - Games for Girls

Dress Up - Games for Girls makes your dream of becoming a fairy-tale princess the new reality! Consider this your lucky day because you've finally found just the perfect dress-up game you've been looking for!

Which of the twelve beautiful princesses do you want to give the best makeover of her life first? Combined with the highly customizable features, the options are almost limitless, and the design choices are entirely up to you!

How to play Dress Up - Games for Girls

The first step on your road to stardom in Dress Up - Games for Girls is selecting the princess you want to become. You’ll admit they’re all gorgeous, and you’re presented with a tough choice.

Besides the physical appearance — including skin tone and facial features — almost every piece of clothing you can think of is highly customizable in the next stage. If you feel you’ve made a wrong choice and want to role-play as a different princess, you can always take a step back and redo the initial selection.

Now comes the really fun part. Besides plenty of dazzling clothing combinations to try out, you can also choose a crown to wear and even add a pair of vivid wings to complete your unique outfit. If the scenery seems too dull for your bold style, you can switch the castles, too!

What are the controls for Dress Up - Games for Girls?

Dress Up - Games for Girls is playable for free on a PC or mobile. Click or tap the feature you want to customize on the left side of the interface, and click or tap again on the right side to try out the item.


  • Up to 12 gorgeous princesses for you to dress up
  • Try out a plethora of flamboyant apparel
  • Eye-catching and highly customizable models

March 2023


Cross platform