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Metal Slug

Metal Slug is a classic 2D action-shooter game featuring intense, action-packed gameplay, up to 4 unique characters, plenty of weapons to unlock, and missions to complete. To defeat the endless swarms of incoming enemy soldiers, you will purchase various useful consumables, but also mighty military vehicles that will temporarily aid you in the heat of battle.

Getting an adrenaline rush is imminent while playing this incredible fast-paced 2D action-shooter. The gameplay is challenging but very enjoyable, and the progression is slow but rewarding. The effort you put in is really worth it because unlocking more powerful firearms greatly affects the overall gaming experience and enjoyment.

How to play Metal Slug

Keep shooting at all times! The enemies are coming at you, usually from both sides of your screen, and it’s of the utmost importance to eliminate them as soon as possible. If you’re not fast enough on the trigger, you’ll soon get overrun, especially if you bring a knife to a gunfight.

The enemies will eventually drop better weapons than the one you’re carrying, so make sure to pick it up quickly. You can use these dropped guns until you’ve completed the current level.

There are 4 characters, each having uniquely distributed health, speed, and armor stats. You can carry up to 3 consumables to a single mission for temporary buffs when you desperately need them. If you’re struggling to complete a level, save up the coins to purchase a powerful military vehicle and cruise through it with ease.

What are the controls for Metal Slug?

Metal Slug is currently a PC browser exclusive, and a keyboard is required to play.

  • Move — WASD keys
  • Next/previous weapon — R/F
  • Inventory items — 1–5 keys


  • Adrenaline-packed 2D action-shooter
  • Plenty of differently designed missions to complete
  • New weapons, characters, and upgrades for each
  • Useful items and military vehicles to use in dire situations

Release date

April 2023


Yu Xinyi


All devices

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