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Game Stick Defenders preview
Game Stick Defenders preview

Stick Defenders

Stick Defenders

Theatre mode
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9.2(13 votes)

Stick Defenders

Stick Defenders is a highly addictive idle tower defense game featuring entertaining gameplay, great animations, and satisfying progression. The angry mob of stickmen is assaulting your fortification in endless waves, and your job is to assemble the strongest team possible and repel the attacks.

Up to 6 soldiers may defend the walls simultaneously, and there are 12 slots in the backlines for the reserve squad. Enhance your Recruits and explore additional Upgrades in the Shop, use up to 3 special abilities to turn the tides of battles, and improve your walls regularly.

How to play Stick Defenders

To level up your Recruits, you must merge two units of the same level. It’s a good idea to gradually upgrade the units, and not spread your ranks too thin to gain the maximum level as soon as possible.

There are up to 50 stickmen levels, so developing the optimal strategy to get there is much more efficient than rushing it. If you’re progressing too fast and get stuck with a few lowbies, you can always delete them by dragging them to the trash can icon in the bottom right.

Don’t be stingy when it comes to activating special abilities — it’s a good habit to use them whenever they’re off cooldown. Upgrading your wall mid-wave is a great way to repair it to full HP, so do not despair even during the most relentless assaults.

What are the controls for Stick Defenders?

You can play Stick Defenders on PC and mobile devices alike. Click or tap to use the abilities, or purchase new units and upgrades. Hold and drag to merge Recruits and move them to the desired unit slots.


  • An amazing stickman tower defense game
  • Highly addictive and entertaining gameplay
  • Multiple upgrades and special abilities
  • Countless waves of incoming attackers

Release date

March 2023




All devices

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