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Truck Driver: Snowy Roads


Truck Driver: Snowy Roads

Truck Driver: Snowy Roads is a thrilling racing game where you can show off your driving skills as you overcome difficult terrain and try to reach the finish line. This game offers three exciting game modes, including Missions, Races, and a Free Drive mode. That’s not all, there are multiple levels with unique terrain and up to 12 offroad trucks with distinctive power and style waiting to be unlocked.

Truck Driver: Snowy Roads can be played in single-player or two-player mode, where you can race and compete against your friends and see who crosses the finish line first. This game features immersive graphics and physics to offer you a spectacular gaming experience.

How To Play Truck Driver: Snowy Roads

After the game loads, you need to choose the game mode, which includes “Free Drive,” “Missions,” and “Racing.” Next, you need to select whether you want to play the game in 1-player or 2-player mode. In “Free Drive” mode, you can take your truck for a test drive. In “Missions,” you’ll have to accomplish certain goals to win cash rewards.

As the name suggests, in “Racing” mode, you can race off against the computer or your friend and see who crosses the finishing line first. As you win races, you can collect coins and unlock new trucks.

What Are The Controls For Truck Driver: Snowy Roads?

To play Truck Driver: Snowy Roads, use the following controls:

Player 1

  • WASD: move
  • Space: brake
  • C: camera
  • R: respawn

Player 2

  • Arrow keys: move
  • Down arrow: brake
  • U: respawn


  • Two-player truck racing game
  • Multiple game modes
  • 12 unlockable trucks, each with unique styles and power
  • Various locations
  • Rich 3D graphics

September 2022


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