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Pretty Avatar Maker




Pretty Avatar Maker

Pretty Avatar Maker lets you bring your dream avatar to life. In this game, you can ditch your vanilla social media profile for a colorful and eye-catching avatar. With a huge catalog of skin tones, eye colors, hairstyles, accessories, and many more, you can create your dream cartoon avatar to represent you online. It’s the perfect game for girls!

How To Play Pretty Avatar Maker

In this game, you can experiment with various looks to create a cartoony avatar for yourself. You can change the skin tone, eyes, nose, lips, hairstyle, and even put on some facial features like freckles to create an avatar that’s as close to you as possible. That’s not all, you can even put on some accessories like earrings and pick a suitable background to create your ultimate avatar.

If you’re not happy with your design, you can simply click on the Reset button to start all over again, and if you’re in a hurry, the Random button will instantly present you with an avatar.

What Are The Controls For Pretty Avatar Maker?

This design game can be played both on your desktop as well as on your smartphone. On the PC, you need to left-click your mouse to choose the items and accessories and to navigate through the collection. On your smartphone, simply tap on your screen.


  • Cool avatar design game
  • Huge collection of character customization options like skin tone, accessories, and hairstyle
  • Downloadable high-quality pictures
  • Compatible with desktop and smartphones

March 2023


Cross platform