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Undine Match the Pic


Undine Match the Pic

Undine Match the Pic is a classic game in which you are required to spot the subtle differences between two, at first glance, identical pictures of cheerful mermaids. The game features splendid depictions of mermaids in their natural environments. While the concept may seem simple, the game is actually quite challenging due to the time limitation and, at times, very clandestine variations.

How to play Undine Match the Pic

Simple as it may seem, Undine Match the Pic is, in fact, a pretty tricky game. While you will be able to easily discern certain inconsistencies between the two seemingly identical images, in some cases, you will have to TRY HARD in order to find the tiniest of differences. Merry little mermaids are just out there, having a blast at the seabed with marine critters. Now, while the pictures are very vivid and radiate a joyful vibe, the vibrant environment makes it harder to notice that the fin of that cutest little fish is missing in the other image!

It’s a good idea to try and focus both of the images simultaneously at first since this is the fastest way to rule out the “obvious” anomalies. Time limitation gets ever tight as you progress through the levels, while the number of discrepancies increases. Oh, and clicking in desperation will reduce the time on your game clock by two seconds. Don’t ask me how I know that! It is nigh impossible to beat this game on the first try, and it’s best to remember the distinctions that you were able to notice on your previous try.

What are the controls for Undine Match the Pic?

Once you’ve spotted the difference, simply tap or click on it.


  • Colorful and eye-catching 2D graphics
  • Time limitation
  • Progressive difficulty

March 2023


Cross platform