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Pony DressUp

Step into the world of Pony Dress Up, where each player gets to nurture, groom, and style their very own lovable pony. This charming 2D game allows you to express your creativity while developing a bond with a cute digital pet.

How to Play Pony Dress Up

Playing Pony Dress Up is a heartwarming journey of care, customization, and companionship. Your pony is dependent on your love. Start by giving it a thorough clean-up. Shower it, brush it, and comb its mane to keep it looking neat and shiny. But your role doesn’t end at caretaking. Express your personality by customizing your pony’s appearance to your liking. Become its best friend and create a unique pony that stands out from the crowd.

What are the Controls for Pony Dress Up?

The controls for Pony Dress Up are pleasingly straightforward for both PC and mobile users. On a computer, you just need to point and click with your mouse to select grooming tools and accessories for your pony. On mobile, it’s as simple as tapping on your chosen items and swiping to navigate through the game. These intuitive controls make Pony Dress Up an easy-to-play and enjoyable game for all ages.


  • Personalized Care: Clean, brush, and pamper your pony. 
  • Customization: Personalize your pony’s look, from its color to its accessories. 
  • Easy Controls: Whether you’re on a PC or mobile, controlling the game is effortless. 
  • Creative Gameplay: The game encourages creativity as you design your pony’s look. 
  • Bonding Time: Spend time with your pony and watch as your friendship grows.

Pony Dress Up invites you to a world of fun, creativity, and friendship. So, get ready to jump in and give your pony a magical makeover!

Release date

October 2018




All devices

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