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Text Twist


Text Twist

Use your creativity and show off your English skills by figuring out all the missing words that Text Twist throws at you. Before time runs out, create as many words as you can using the available letters. Your overall score depends on each valid word.

How to play Text Twist?

Featuring a highly varied vocabulary with words ranging from those used in common day-to-day language to some that even native English speakers might have only heard a few times in their lives, each round consists of 2 minutes to find as many words as you can before the timer expires. Find the longest word that contains every letter to gain the most points. The smallest word must contain at least 3 letters to be valid. With every level, the words tend to get more bizarre and hard. Text Twist assists you by introducing a ‘twist’ function, giving you the luxury to re-arrange all the letters. Sometimes starting fresh is the only boost you’ll need.

With a great balance of education and gaming, this game is a fantastic way to pass time if you’re feeling bored or lethargic. Learning English has never been more fun as the game ensures that you have a good time while playing. One of the better aspects of the game is that it’s compatible with both PC and mobile, giving you the comfort to play from anywhere.

What are the controls for Text Twist?


  • The controls are super simple and easy to get used to. When playing on your PC, press the keyboard keys to create the necessary words. Press the ‘backspace’ to delete letters. And click on the twist button to re-jumble the letters
  • When playing on your mobile, simply touch the letters on the screen to access and delete. You can also touch the twist button on the left side of the screen to re-arrange the letters




  • Tense and exciting rounds
  • Utilize your language creativity to make a variety of words
  • Fun learning curve

March 2023


Cross platform