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Bird Simulator

Spread your flamboyant wings and soar through the skies in the hyper-casual and mind-soothing Bird Simulator! There are no objectives in this game so you’re quite literally free as a bird to explore the gorgeous valley that is your home. If you ever get bored of this idyllic secluded paradise, there are plenty of mountainous peaks nearby to explore and conquer.

The graphics are by no means photo-realistic, but they’re more than enough to make for an authentic flying experience. To add to the immersion even further, the sound effects are spot on and with the gameplay that doesn’t hold your hand, the sky is the limit!

How to play Bird Simulator

The bird you’re controlling can’t move on the ground except for turning around its axis to choose the direction in which you want to take off. Getting off the ground is actually quite tricky, especially if there are obstacles such as trees or buildings nearby. Once you’re up in the air, it’s all smooth sailing until you’ve decided to land.

Flapping your wings will slightly increase the flight speed so make sure to glide around for a while before attempting the landing, and decrease the altitude gradually. During a swoop the bird’s claws move forward which gently tilts the entire body and this is the time to start flapping again to alleviate the descent.

What are the controls for Bird Simulator?

Bird Simulator is currently exclusively playable in a PC browser.

  • Fly up/down — W/S
  • Yaw left/right — A/D
  • Flap your wings — Space
  • Swoop — Left Shift
  • Pause — Tab/Esc
  • Take off — Space + S
  • Land — Space + Left Shift


  • An immersive bird’s flight simulation
  • A gorgeous secluded valley to explore and call home
  • No quests or objectives, best enjoyed at your own pace

Release date

November 2019





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