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Game Bois d’Arc: Bow Shooting preview
Game Bois d’Arc: Bow Shooting preview

Bois d’Arc: Bow Shooting

Bois d’Arc: Bow Shooting

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Bois d’Arc: Bow Shooting

Bois d’Arc: Bow Shooting is an extraordinary crossover between 2D archery and tower-defense games. Once upon a time, the citizens lived peacefully in the land of Sedonia, protected by the mystical powers of the magical tree. Unfortunately, the evil spirits sense its presence and want to corrupt it, so the king is forced to make a tough decision.

The tree is cut, and a unique bow is crafted from the enchanted wood. It holds but a fraction of the mystical powers but is still your best shot at surviving the undead scourge. Select one of the three champions and embark on an epic campaign to protect the realm from the waves of dreadful enemies and repel their unrelenting attacks!

How to play Bois d’Arc: Bow Shooting

The three champions available have unique stats, but until you’ve mastered the game mechanics, it’s recommended to start playing with the green guy since he’s the most balanced choice. Regardless of the champion you’ve selected, there are 16 stages throughout the campaign.

Gravity affects the flying arrows, so you should know that once shot, they’ll follow a parabolic trajectory. Don’t aim straight at your target but slightly above it for better efficiency. Even when the enemies are at the gates, don’t panic. The closer they are, the easier it becomes to land the devastating headshots!

What are the controls for Bois d’Arc: Bow Shooting?

Bois d’Arc: Bow Shooting is playable on both PC and mobile, but you might enjoy playing it more while using a PC mouse. Click or tap anywhere to aim, then hold to pull the bowstring and determine the power of your shot, and finally release to shoot an arrow at the incoming undead horde.


  • An extraordinary 2D shooter/tower-defense crossover
  • Three playable characters, RPG elements, skill upgrades
  • Eye-catching graphics and enticing music
  • Fast-paced, exciting, and challenging gameplay
  • A total of 16 stages in the epic campaign

Release date

May 2024




All devices

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