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Game Color Page ASMR preview
Game Color Page ASMR preview

Color Page ASMR

Color Page ASMR

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8.9(28 votes)

Color Page ASMR

Color Page ASMR is a hyper-casual 2D drawing game with extremely simple gameplay, making it perfectly suitable for even the youngest of gamers. With the emphasis on immersive graphics and sound effects, you feel a genuine sensation as if you were actually drawing and coloring on a piece of paper. While the visuals and gameplay design are especially attractive for kids, most grown-ups will also appreciate the all-around relaxing experience.

Playing this game won’t really improve your fine motor skills, as drawing IRL would, but it’s very satisfying, and the best thing about it is that you can’t get it wrong. This is exactly why your toddlers will dearly enjoy it with you, and there are many common household items featured they’ll learn to name more easily. Besides, there won’t be any crayons flying around the home or living room walls decorated by your overly artistic kid.

How to play Color Page ASMR

The dashed outlines of each drawing are traced automatically as long as you’re holding the controls. After the silhouettes are taken care of, it’s time to color the images. The specific section that you’ll be painting next is highlighted, and you’re supposed to select the color that matches the current drawing Goal. Coloring is also an automated process, and even if you get all the wrong tones, you’ll be able to proceed to the next level.

What are the controls for Color Page ASMR?

You can play Color Page ASMR on PC and mobile devices alike. Click or tap, then hold to trace the dashed line and complete the drawing. Select a color from the palette, then click or tap, then hold to paint the current section of the drawing.


  • A hyper-casual ASMR drawing and coloring game
  • Especially attractive for toddlers and enjoyed by adults alike
  • Automated drawing and coloring process

Release date

June 2023




All devices

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