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Gold Miner

The gold rush took many lives at the beginning of the last century. At that time, gold lodes were discovered, and thousands of gold hunters moved to the North. Not all of them were lucky. Too many hunters were left to lie somewhere in the deserted snow-covered land. 

But, if you become a Gold Miner, you will have a lot of fun and no risk for life! To win in Gold Miner, you need attention and a good reaction because being a gold miner is not easy. Decisions should be made quickly, without much deliberation. You'll go to the mines to dig gold pieces. You only have 60 seconds for each shift, and the mining plan is big!

How to play Gold Miner

Use the left mouse button to stop the winch swing and send the gold digger's cable down the mine shaft. The claw catches the first object it encounters. You must hit it fast and accurately to reach the target before time runs out. Afterwards, you can spend your hard-earned cash and buy bonuses from the store. These can help you play the game more efficiently and quickly, but remember that the price of an item doesn't always match its usefulness.

Pull out gold, jewelry, or secret bags — they may contain diamonds, coins, or explosives. Unnecessary rocks can only be dropped with dynamite, and if you have dynamite in stock, click on a bomb to activate it.

If you've collected enough money to get to the next level, don't stop: the money saved will be used to buy upgrades.


  • web browser game
  • mouse controller

Release date

March 2023




All devices


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