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Roblox Multiplayer Tower Obby

In Roblox Multiplayer Tower Obby you join other players in a race to the top of a towering obstacle course, known as an 'Obby' in Roblox lingo. The Scratch game combines elements of adventure, platforming, and multiplayer competition, making it a dynamic and engaging experience.

How to play Roblox Multiplayer Tower Obby?

Your goal is to climb to the top of the tower, navigating through various obstacles that require jumping, dodging, and precise timing. Each level of the tower presents different challenges, from moving and disappearing platforms to tricky jumps. You'll need to be quick and careful, as falling means starting over or respawning at the last checkpoint. Compete with other players or work together to reach new heights!

The game has a leaderboard with players' best personal times. Can you get to the #1 spot? The fastest player gets a special character skin!

What are the controls for Roblox Multiplayer Tower Obby?

  • Arrow Keys/WASD: Move your character
  • R: to restart from a checkpoint
  • Q+R or click flag: reset from the beginning
  • 1, 2, 3: use emotes
  • L: Leaderboard
  • T: Server data


  • Multiplayer gameplay
  • User-generated levels
  • Progressive difficulty

Release date

November 2023




All devices

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