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Tower Defense Clash

Eliminate all the invading enemies before they reach your castle’s doorstep across a total of 40 progressively more challenging levels in Tower Defense Clash! Strategically position 4 different tower types on multiple building slots along the road toward your base and use magic spells to repel the attackers. Whether you’re a newbie to the genre or an experienced tower-defender you’ll have a great time playing this game!

This amazing real-time strategy game features eye-catching 2D graphics, epic music, immersive sound effects, and challenging tactical gameplay. The aggressors are assaulting in waves, and you can speed up the game if you’re feeling confident in your defenses, or pause when you need to make last-minute improvements.

How to play Tower Defense Clash

Each level requires a different approach but if you learn the strengths and weaknesses of your defensive structures it will greatly benefit your playing experience throughout the game.

  • Arrow Tower — Single target, fast shooting, long range
  • Cannon Tower — AoE, slow shooting, shorter range
  • Ice Tower — Slows enemies, procs AoE slow
  • Lightning Tower — Very fast single-target, procs stun

You want to try and put the AoE damage-dealing structures at choke points to do the maximum damage to stacked enemies but make sure that you have enough firepower along the road to finish off the ones that squeeze through.

What are the controls for Tower Defense Clash?

You can play Tower Defense Clash on PC and mobile devices. Click or tap to select the building slot, then the tower type, and repeat to confirm the selection. Click or tap on already-built towers to upgrade or sell them.


  • An exquisite 2D tower-defense game
  • Gorgeous graphics and epic music
  • 4 tower types and different powerful spells
  • A total of 40 challenging levels

Release date

December 2023




All devices

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