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Game Archery World Tour preview
Game Archery World Tour preview

Archery World Tour

Archery World Tour

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Archery World Tour

Put your steady aim, precision, patience, and reaction times to the ultimate test across two different game modes in Archery World Tour! This first-person archery simulation features relaxing music, eye-catching graphics, and challenging gameplay. Pulling a bowstring is a feat that requires impressive strength, so your aim won’t be steady, forcing you to compensate constantly.

Besides taking care of the release timing you must also account for the wind speed to make sure the arrows hit the exact spots you’re aiming for. The campaign game mode is quite forgiving, while in the endless mode, you’re tasked with popping moving balloons and there’s no room for mistakes.

How to play Archery World Tour

Holding a steady aim for more than a fraction of a second is nigh impossible, so don’t waste your time trying to achieve this. Focus on releasing the arrow as soon as the scope and the spot you’re aiming for align. Be patient in the endless mode, and make sure to learn the target’s movement patterns before shooting.

Prior to pulling the bowstring, check the signs on the sides showing the target’s distance. It is especially important if you’re dealing with stronger winds since the further an arrow travels, the more the gusts will affect its trajectory.

What are the controls for Archery World Tour?

You can play Archery World Tour on both PC and mobile devices. We enjoyed it slightly more in a PC browser, but this is merely a subjective take that shouldn’t dissuade you from trying it on mobile, too. Click or tap, then hold and drag to aim, and finally release to shoot an arrow. 


  • An exquisitely immersive 2D archery simulation
  • Lengthy campaign and unforgiving endless game modes
  • Relaxing music, eye-catching graphics, awesome gameplay

Release date

July 2023




All devices

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