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Game Billionaires preview
Game Billionaires preview



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8.0(5 votes)


Welcome to Billionaires, a trivia quiz game that elevates the classic 'Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?' experience. Dive into a world where answering questions can lead you to a virtual billion-dollar fortune. With questions spanning various domains, this game challenges your knowledge and strategic thinking.

How to play Billionaires?

  • Begin by selecting your answer from four options to each trivia question.
  • Categories range from finance, sports, to general knowledge about films and music.
  • Answer correctly to earn money and progress toward the billionaire goal.
  • Use help options wisely, like removing incorrect answers or calling a friend.

What are the controls for Billionaires?

Use your mouse or touchscreen on mobile devices to navigate/select answers.


  • High-stakes trivia gameplay
  • Wide range of question categories
  • Strategic use of lifelines
  • Engaging and educational content for all ages

Release date

January 2024


Ringier Axel Springer


All devices

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