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Game Bug War 2 preview
Game Bug War 2 preview

Bug War 2

Bug War 2

Theatre mode
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Bug War 2

Ensure your colony thrives in the world of fiercely territorial and merciless insects in Bug War 2! This real-time strategy game features tactical gameplay, captivating 2D graphics, along with plenty of levels and achievements to complete. At your command, the insects start marching toward the strategic points on the map, and the objective is to exterminate all the rival colonies.

The hive-minded drones will follow your orders blindly, and besides the spawns to seize which will breed additional units for your swarm, you can also capture towers that will shoot down the approaching enemies. You must think and act decisively to both defend your own and conquer new territories!

How to play Bug War 2

There are three campaigns available with different insect types, and to unlock the 2 additional ones, you must first complete all the prerequisite levels. At each object on the map, you’ll notice a counter that indicates the number of insects currently occupying it. To capture it, you must provide a steady stream of reinforcements until the opposing swarm is outnumbered.

The unclaimed grey spawns and towers gain additional forces over time, so you want to focus your units on conquering them as soon as possible. Don’t spread your army too thin but focus on capturing as many spawns as possible in the very beginning to ensure a steady stream of reinforcements.

What are the controls for Bug War 2?

Bug War 2 is playable on PC and mobile devices. Click or tap on the buildings you’re controlling, then hold and drag toward the next point on the map you’re trying to conquer or reinforce. To send units from multiple bases, connect them all together before releasing at the desired deployment point.


  • A real-time strategy clash between bug colonies
  • Fast-paced tactical gameplay and eye-catching graphics
  • Dozens of levels across three campaigns available

Release date

January 2022


Flash From The Past


All devices

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