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Game Candy Jump preview

Candy Jump

Candy Jump

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Candy Jump

Candy Jump is a vibrant skill-game that challenges your reflexes and timing skills. In this colorful game, you guide a piece of candy through various obstacles by ensuring it only passes through barriers that match its color. It's simple in concept but becomes increasingly challenging and addictive as you aim for higher scores.

How to play Candy Jump?

The main objective in Candy Jump is to navigate a piece of candy through obstacles that continuously change color. You must ensure that the candy only passes through parts of the wall that match its color. Timing your jumps accurately is crucial as the speed and frequency of the color changes increase as you progress.

You start the game with a candy of a specific color, and as you move through the levels, you encounter circles that change the color of your candy. This requires quick adjustment and strategy revision on the fly. The game ends if you touch a part of the barrier that is a different color from your candy, and you'll have to start over.

What are the controls for Candy Jump?

Click with your mouse or tap on the screen to make the candy jump.


  • Rhythm-based gameplay that develops timing and focus
  • Color changing mechanics that require quick reflexes and adaptability
  • Playable on various devices including desktops, mobile phones, and tablets
  • Visually appealing graphics with a colorful candy theme

Release date

April 2024


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