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Game Cats Love Cake preview
Game Cats Love Cake preview

Cats Love Cake

Cats Love Cake

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Cats Love Cake

Cats Love Cake is a casual game where you need to protect your bouncy cat from hitting the obstacles to complete each level. Be aware of the pointy spikes and dangerous holes across your route to arrive at the delicious cake. You will get more adorable animal characters upon unlocking new levels.

Designed for both children and grown-ups, Cats Love Cake is a simple but addictive browser game to play in your free time. It gets more challenging after every level, so get ready to be totally captured in the game. Compete against your friends to see who can collect more animals and finish all levels faster!

How to play Cats Love Cake

As an animal lover, your priority is to keep your playful pets from any obstacles in their way. Such obstacles include spikes, holes, and moving cubes. Don’t worry if they get struck by the obstacles since you will get hints after failing a few times. Be patient and find the best route for your bouncy animals.

A great feature in Cats Love Cake is the ability to stand by and go backwards. Take advantage of this and think carefully about how to get through the obstacles. Another tip for you is speed control. Your lovely animals will go further as they gain enough momentum. Therefore, make sure you utilize these points to help your animals reach the tasty cakes.

What are the controls for Cats Love Cake?

Cats Love Cake is accessible on PC and mobile devices. For controls on the PC, use the left and right arrow keys to move back and forth. Similarly, tap and hold the icons displayed on your mobile screen for moves.


  • Adorable 2D character designs and multiple levels
  • Addictive gameplay for both children and adults 
  • Easy controls and accessibility

Release date

July 2021


DoubleDutch Games


All devices

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