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City Siege

Join on a thrilling urban rescue mission in City Siege, a game that combines strategy and action to deliver a captivating experience. As the commander of your own army, you are tasked with the crucial job of defeating terrorists and saving civilians. Keep in mind that you must ensure the civilians are safe amidst the crossfire. Any loss of life will result in cash penalties, affecting your ability to enhance your squad.

City Siege is a run-and-gun shooter that demands clever strategy and a careful approach to combat. You will need to collect stars to arm your troops and build a diverse army in a city overrun by enemy forces. The aim is to reclaim the city streets without causing undue destruction to the urban environment.

How to play City Siege

Gather your strength and go on epic battles! To build an army, fight against enemies, collect stars, and complete new levels. The difficulty of the tasks increases, but each completed mission brings you the chance to add new fighters to your army. With each victory, watch it rise in power and number. 

You can buy boosters for earned money to upgrade your forces and enhance the army's capabilities. The game also allows customization of your units, adding a personal touch to your tactical team. Beware of the environment, though, as some objects in the cityscape can explode, which adds an extra layer of unpredictability to your battle plans.

What are the controls for City Siege?

To navigate within the game world, use the WASD or arrow keys on the desktop version. For selecting units or firing, simply left-click with your mouse.


  • Command your forces in a strategic battle
  • Achieve victories by combining tactical skills
  • Each level has a special mission for you

Release date

January 2022


Podge Games


All devices

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