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Game Classic Snake preview
Game Classic Snake preview

Classic Snake

Classic Snake

Theatre mode
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Classic Snake

If you like retro games, Classic Snake will take you down memory lane and allow you to experience what prime mobile gaming used to look like about 30 years ago! The arcade-style sound effects and pixelated graphics are quite effective, and the gameplay is gorgeously simple yet unexpectedly challenging.

As the snake eats the cubes across the 2D map, it gets bigger, and the game's objective is to grow as big as possible. You can slither through the map’s dashed boundaries, but if you crash into the snake’s body, the game is over, and you’re forced to retry. How long do you think you can survive?

How to play Classic Snake

The game is quite easy in the beginning, but as the snake feeds, its very length gradually becomes an ever-growing issue. Practice passing through the walls to devour cubes more efficiently, stopping on a dime, and making quick U-turns. These skills are essential in the later stages of the game when the room for movement begins to shrink.

Once the snake’s body occupies a large portion of the playing field, it’s important to always have a preplanned escape route ready. Don’t encircle the snake’s head from all sides, since this may often lead to predicaments that are hard to get out of.

What are the controls for Classic Snake?

You can play Classic Snake on PC and mobile devices alike. Use WASD or arrow keys to move if playing on a PC, and swipe to turn in the desired direction if you prefer playing on mobile.


  • An immersive 2D retro snake game
  • Arcade-styled sound effects and pixelated graphics
  • Gorgeously simple yet highly challenging gameplay

Release date

November 2023




All devices

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