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Game Empire City preview

Empire City

Empire City

Theatre mode
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8.6(14 votes)

Empire City

Empire City is a captivating city-building game that immerses you in the role of a city planner and administrator. You are tasked with constructing a flourishing city from the ground up, focusing on residential, commercial, and industrial development, ensuring your city's economic and ecological balance.

How to play Empire City?

Empire City offers you the opportunity to manage and expand your own empire, drawing inspiration from ancient civilizations. In this game, your main objectives include building and upgrading various city structures, like the Coliseum, and managing resources to ensure the prosperity of your empire.

You will need to strategically plan your city's development, from constructing essential buildings to advancing through different technological eras. Resource management is crucial as you will have to balance the storage capacities and growth requirements of your city.

Remember to place buildings close to each other so as to get the maximum benefit from the existing roads, as buildings have to be in their vicinity and you have limited space.

What are the controls for Empire City?

The game is controlled entirely via mouse or touch.

  • Navigation: Tap and swipe to move around your city
  • Building Placement: Select a building from the menu, then tap on the desired location on the map to place it
  • Building Management: Tap on buildings to view their status and upgrade or manage settings


  • Diverse building types with unique roles and impacts
  • Economic and ecological management for strategic growth
  • Available in multiple languages including English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean and Spanish
  • Extensive upgrade paths for buildings
  • Daily gifts to reward continuous play
  • In-app purchases to enhance or expedite gameplay

Release date

April 2024




All devices

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