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Game Graffiti Time preview
Game Graffiti Time preview

Graffiti Time

Graffiti Time

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Graffiti Time

The spray bottle cap has gone rogue and will stop at nothing until the entire city is decorated with its exquisite street art in Graffiti Time! In this incredible 2D platformer, no billboard, vehicle, or secluded walls are safe from your artistic expression, even with the robot cops and drones hot on your heels.

Complete up to 20 levels within a limited time frame, collect dollar bills scattered around the city to unlock new graffiti tags from the Black Book, and turn the entire city into your playground! Move in the shadows to avoid getting busted, find the level’s key, and reunite with the spray can once your clandestine work is done! 

How to play Graffiti Time

In each level, there are 3 objects you can tag, and usually, after decorating the one closest to the spawning spot, the key will appear nearby. To complete the level, it’s enough to pick up the key and reach the spray can without getting caught.

The beams of light indicate the focus points of robot cops, and to avoid unwanted attention, it’s necessary to learn their movement patterns. The bots won’t attack you on sight while the beam is blue, but once they find they’ve spotted the first signs of vandalism, they’ll become aggressive and unforgiving.

What are the controls for Graffiti Time?

You can have a great Graffiti Time on PC and mobile devices. The game works flawlessly on both platforms, so the choice depends entirely on your personal preference.

Use the arrow keys to move around on a PC device and the C key to draw the graffiti tag, or tap the easily discerned buttons on mobile. Hold the arrow key/button up or tap it repeatedly midair to reach greater heights.


  • An extraordinary 2D stealth platformer
  • Embellish the city with your exquisite graffiti tags
  • Robot cops disapprove of your artistic efforts
  • 20 levels in your glorious street art campaign

Release date

January 2024




All devices

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