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Mad Burger

The jolly campers across a vast, idyllic mountainous landscape are going crazy for your Mad Burger, and it’s not only because it’s delicious! You’re playing as a master chef who’s decided to open a mobile trailer kitchen to earn some cash from hungry and underprepared tourists.

There’s no need to worry about the cooking process since the tasty patty is prepared automatically, but only the delivery which is unconventional, to say the least. Once the burger is ready, you’ll kick it high up into the air, and the more distance it covers, the more cash you’ll earn.

As your budget fills up, you’ll be able to purchase various upgrades in the Shop to help you reach ever greater distances and serve different lucky customers. The gameplay is catchy, simple, and hilarious while the 2D graphics are gorgeous and eye-catching.

How to play Mad Burger

The needle that indicates the power of your kick spins really fast but the controls are very responsive so you need to stop it at the exact moment it reaches the top of the circle. During the burger’s epic flight, you can pick up dozens of items that will boost your earnings. Invest in upgrades regularly and don’t worry about min-maxing too much; simply enjoy the hilarious gameplay.

What are the controls for Mad Burger?

You can play Mad Burger on PC and mobile devices alike. Click or tap to stop the spinning needle and determine the power of your kick. Hold during the burger flight to use the special sauce and accelerate the patty.


  • Not a cooking simulation but a 2D flying burger game
  • Simple, hilarious, and catchy gameplay
  • Eye-catching graphics and funny animations
  • Plenty of patty upgrades in the Shop

Release date

January 2022


Flash From The Past


All devices

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