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Game Madness Accelerant preview

Madness Accelerant

Madness Accelerant

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9.4(36 votes)

Madness Accelerant

When a wicked green clown takes a bite of Madness Accelerant-infused hotdogs, he turns into a giant burning diabolic clown head, and all hell breaks loose, quite literally. He spits fireballs now, controls the colossal fiery hands that cold squash you like a bug, and has 1200 health points. 

To put things in perspective, you have 3 lives with 20 HP, so beating this game is extremely demanding even on Normal difficulty, not to mention Madness. This game is a pure sidescrolling shooter gem!.

How to play Madness Accelerant

The fiery clown will come at you in stages and in between, but also during boss fights, you’ll have to eliminate white dummies resembling Matrix agents. Ammo is a big deal in this game, so you must be quick to equip the guns dropped by the agents and use most of the resources available.

Observe which mechanics the boss performs at every stage of the fight and learn how to avoid them. To succeed in the long run, you must focus mostly on preventing taking damage and improving your movement skills.

What are the controls for Madness Accelerant?

Madness Accelerant isn’t optimized for mobile devices, but you can play it in a PC browser with an option to choose between sets of controls. 

Mouse/keyboard controls:

  • Attack — LMB
  • Jump — W (Double tap for double jump)
  • Loot weapon — S
  • Aim — Mouse move
  • Walk left/right — A/D

Keyboard/pad controls:

  • Attack — A
  • Jump — S
  • Loot weapon — D
  • Aim up/down — Up/Down arrow keys
  • Walk left/right — Left/Right arrow keys


  • Extraordinary 2D arcade action shooter 
  • Wicked clown is the infernal doom-bringer
  • Very challenging even at Normal difficulty

Release date

April 2023





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