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Game Mod Among Us for Minecraft preview
Game Mod Among Us for Minecraft preview

Mod Among Us for Minecraft

Mod Among Us for Minecraft

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8.5(27 votes)

Mod Among Us for Minecraft

If you like expressing your creative side while playing, Mod Among Us for Minecraft is exactly the game you’ve been looking for. The possibilities are near endless, and you can create pretty much anything you can imagine in a 3D pixelated world of blocks.

It won’t take too long to build a cozy home or dig a cave to dwell in, but this may entice you to dream bigger. You can destroy and erect entire mountains or construct epic monuments if you’re willing to put in the effort to make your ideas come true.

How to play Mod Among Us for Minecraft

There are no NPCs or other players in this game, so you have unlimited time and an unobstructed opportunity to create an entire realm just the way you want it. The time you’ll spend in this game is mostly determined by the scale and ambition of your building endeavors. 

The most awesome thing about this game is that it doesn’t hold your hand and gives you the complete freedom to arrange your surroundings in any way you want. No matter how wild your ideas are, you can build them from the ground up using one block at a time. 

What are the controls for Mod Among Us for Minecraft?

Mod Among Us for Minecraft is yet to be mobile optimized, but you can play it for free in a PC browser using your mouse and keyboard.

  • LMB — destroy block
  • RMB — build block
  • I — Inventory
  • 1-4 keys — choose a block to build
  • P — Pause
  • L — hide/show cursor
  • H — hide/show the FAQ


  • A pixelated world of endless possibilities
  • A great way to explore your creativity
  • Casual and relaxing gameplay

Release date

November 2020





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