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Game Mr. Bean Jump preview
Game Mr. Bean Jump preview

Mr. Bean Jump

Mr. Bean Jump

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8.0(10 votes)

Mr. Bean Jump

Mr. Bean Jump is a humorous and engaging casual game where you guide the iconic character Mr. Bean in a jumping adventure. The game revolves around helping Mr. Bean reach new heights by leaping over moving crates that stack up to form a tower. It offers a blend of simplicity and challenge, making it an enjoyable experience for players of all ages.

How to play Mr. Bean Jump?

In Mr. Bean Jump, your objective is to help Mr. Bean ascend by jumping on dynamically moving crates. You need to time your jumps carefully to avoid falling off. The game tests your reaction and timing skills as some blocks move faster than others. You aim to achieve "perfect jumps" for better stacking and higher scores. Completing various missions, like surviving for specific durations or reaching certain heights, adds more excitement to the game. As you progress, you can unlock hilarious costumes, hats, and new blocks, all inspired by the hit animated Mr. Bean series. Watching short video ads can earn you bonus coins, which are useful for unlocking these fun elements.

What are the controls for Mr. Bean Jump?

  • Click with Left Mouse Button or tap on the screen (on mobile devices) to make Mr. Bean jump on the blocks.


  • Endless Jumping Adventure: Join Mr. Bean in an amusing endless jumping gameplay
  • Dynamic Crates and Blocks: Jump on moving crates, with varying speeds for added challenge
  • Customization Options: Unlock a variety of comical costumes and hats for Mr. Bean
  • Missions and Achievements: Complete missions and break records for added engagement
  • Inspired by the Animated Series: Elements in the game are based on the popular animated show
  • Bonus Coins and Content: Earn coins through ads to unlock additional game content

Release date

January 2024


Quizinc Ltd


All devices

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