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Ninja Clash Heroes

Ninja Clash Heroes is an immersive action-packed multiplayer third-person shooter featuring 4 unique character classes and highly addictive gameplay. The game is played in a team deathmatch mode on a single map, and the rounds last 3 minutes.

You get to play as Scout, Sniper, Sentinel, or Grenadier, and each character fills a specific role in your team. Make sure to try them all out and figure out which position fits your play style the most.

Dominate the battlefield to earn stars you can spend to open Army crates and unlock awesome skins for your characters and weapons. Score kills to gain medals and improve the stats of your characters.

How to play Ninja Clash Heroes

In the first couple of rounds, focus on getting to know the map better so you can outplay your opponents more easily. Each of the classes available offers a unique gaming experience, and it’s up to you to decide which one suits your preference.

Scout is sort of a universal fighter which makes him a great character to start with. Sniper takes on enemies from afar but is very weak in close-quarters combat. Grenadier can easily dominate the game if played correctly, and Sentinel is a chunky tank that excels at close range. 

After scoring a couple of kills, you’ll activate the unique ultimate ability for a brief period, so plan ahead to take advantage of its full potential.

What are the controls for Ninja Clash Heroes?

Ninja Clash Heroes is playable for free in a PC browser — a keyboard and a mouse are required to play.

  • WASD keys — move
  • C — crouch 
  • G — throw a grenade
  • L — show cursor
  • Left mouse button — shoot
  • Right mouse button — zoom in


  • An action-packed team deathmatch third-person shooter
  • 4 character classes with unique skillsets and ultimate abilities
  • Rank medals and plenty of skins to unlock

Release date

September 2020


Freeway Interactive


All devices

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