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"Pou" is a delightful digital pet game that revolves around caring for a cute little alien creature. As a player, your role is to help Pou grow by engaging in various activities like feeding, cleaning, and playing. The game is designed to simulate the experience of pet care, where Pou has needs similar to a real pet.

How to play Pou?

In Pou you are tasked with taking care of your virtual pet's basic needs. Pou is just like us, and their needs are similar! This includes:

  • Feeding Pou: Choose from various treats to feed Pou and ensure it's always well-fed.
  • Cleaning Pou: Keep Pou clean by using soap, shower, and towel, and don't forget about brushing its teeth.
  • Playing with Pou: Pou loves to play, and there are mini-games like hill drive, sky hop, water hop, jet Pou, and food drop that you can enjoy together.

As you take care of Pou, you will see three main stats at the top of the screen – Hunger, Health, and Fun. Your goal is to maintain these stats, ensuring they are always in the green zone, indicating Pou is happy and healthy.

What are the controls for Pou?

  • Use your mouse or tap the screen to interact with different elements in the game.
  • To feed, clean, or play with Pou, simply click or tap on the respective icons and follow the prompts.


  • Customization Options: You can dress up Pou in various outfits and accessories, and even change its color and hairstyle.
  • Interactive Mini-Games: Play a variety of fun mini-games with Pou to keep it entertained.
  • Daily Tasks and Goals: Complete daily tasks to earn XP points, helping Pou grow and unlock more features.
  • Garden Activities: Take Pou outside to the garden for more activities like watering flowers and playing with Pou's little friend.
  • Pet Growth and Evolution: As you care for Pou, it grows, unlocking new customization and food options.

Release date

November 2021


Zakeh Limited


All devices

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