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Slime Road

A playful vial is hopping along the winding Slime Road and the huge merry snowman is eagerly awaiting the special delivery of snowballs at the finish line. The snowballs are to be found in the middle of the hoops scattered across the track, and to gather them, you must move quickly yet carefully.

This awesome lane-running and obstacle-avoiding platform game features colorful graphics, a festive Christmas atmosphere, and fast-paced gameplay. Don’t get the wrong impression that it’s easy to play because even the slightest of mistakes will end your playthrough. The road is bendy and gravity-defying, so it’s easy to get confused and crash into one of many obstacles ahead.

How to play Slime Road

The first couple of levels may feel like a breeze, so enjoy this short period of serenity while you can, because the game quickly becomes much more challenging. The obstacles will start moving, the track becomes full of twists and turns, and even merely scratching the hoops you’re hopping through will end the game.

You’ll never play on exactly the same road because the track ahead is randomly generated on each retry. Try to gather all the necessary information about the obstacles ahead to position the vial properly and avoid crashes. It takes some time and patience to master the game mechanics, and even if you’re an expert at it, mistakes will eventually happen.

What are the controls for Slime Road?

You can play Slime Road on both PC and mobile devices. Swipe to move the vial left or right across the lane on mobile, or click, hold, then drag the mouse if playing in a PC browser.


  • A festive lane-hopping platform game
  • Plenty of obstacles to avoid on the winding road ahead
  • Easy to get into, difficult to master

Release date

June 2022




All devices

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