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Squid Game Sniper

Become the sharpshooter executor in the ruthless red light/green light competition in Squid Game Sniper! You’re packing infinite rounds, and there’s no time limitation to complete your task, so the game is kind of a casual target dummy practice. The green light won’t turn on again until you’ve dealt with all the game rules perpetrators.

There are 30 competitors racing toward the finish line, and the ones who fail to stop moving are marked with a huge red arrow above their heads. Misplacing a shot and eliminating unmarked targets will result in penalty points, and the objective of the game is to set the highest score possible.

How to play Squid Game Sniper

The most difficult part of the game is the very beginning, while the stage is stacked with all 30 stickmen competitors. It’s sometimes hard to discern which targets are marked for elimination, especially when they’re standing atop each other. Sometimes, a bullet may pass through your intended target and kill the one who’s played by the rules behind it, so be cautious of your shooting angles.

The more you zoom in, the harder it will be to control the stability of your aim, therefore, use the max zoom only when it’s absolutely necessary. Always aim to eliminate the easier targets first because this way, you may be able to uncover the ones that are harder to hit.

What are the controls for Squid Game Sniper?

Squid Game Sniper is currently unavailable on mobile web, but you can play it for free in a PC browser.

  • Aim — Mouse move
  • Use scope — RMB
  • Shoot — LMB
  • Zoom in/out — Mouse scroll up/down
  • Unlock the mouse — L key


  • You’re a red light/green light game executioner
  • Unlimited time and infinite ammo
  • Casual target dummy shooting practice

Release date

October 2021





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