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Stickman School Run

After some doodling during another tedious lecture, real magic unfolds before your eyes as your creations come to life in Stickman School Run! The animated stickman starts sprinting across your dashed notebook in an attempt to escape the boredom and reunite with his twiggy girlfriend, who is waiting in the notebook’s margin.

Your job is to perform timely jumps and double jumps to help the protagonist on the epic quests across a total of 100 fun levels available. The road ahead is treacherous, and sometimes, you’ll have to hurl triangular rulers to destroy the deadly obstacles ahead.

As you’d expect from the 2D platform running game, the graphics and animations in this game are quite simple, but this fact doesn’t take anything away from the immersive gameplay. It actually allows you to appreciate the gorgeous simplicity of it even better.

How to play Stickman School Run

It’s important to notice that the longer you hold the jump control, the higher and longer your leaps will be. Experiment with the release timings to get a better sense of the distance and height covered for each jump.

The double jump does look cool, but it isn’t always necessary, so use it as your lifeline when you’ve misjudged the situation. Besides destroying various obstacles ahead, throwing triangular rulers at any given moment is quite satisfying, and you’re packing an infinite amount of them, so don’t be afraid to use them.

What are the controls for Stickman School Run?

You can play Stickman School Run on both PC and mobile devices. Use the arrow keys to jump, roll, and throw projectiles if playing on a PC, or tap the left or right side of your screen on mobile to do the same.


  • A casual 2D stickman platform running game
  • Up to 100 progressively more challenging levels
  • Simple yet highly enjoyable gameplay

Release date

May 2018




All devices

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