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Stupid Zombies

Step into the eerie yet exciting world of Stupid Zombies, where you’ll engage in thrilling 2D zombie-shooting action against a beautiful moonlit night backdrop.

How to Play Stupid Zombies

In Stupid Zombies, you’re a lone fighter armed with a powerful gun, standing against an onslaught of shambling zombies. This game boasts 120 levels of undead dispatching fun where your job is simple — let loose your bullets and exterminate every zombie in sight! The real kicker? Your bullets have an uncanny ability to ricochet off walls and keep flying until they hit something — a feature that can be both a boon and a challenge, depending on your aim.

What are the Controls for Stupid Zombies?

Controlling your zombie slayer in Stupid Zombies is a breeze, whether you’re using a computer or a mobile device. On a computer, point your mouse to aim your gun and simply left-click to fire off your bouncy bullets. If you prefer mobile gaming, just tap to shoot — the gameplay is particularly satisfying and intuitive on this platform. So, pick your weapon, aim those ricocheting bullets, and unleash havoc on the undead!


  • Challenging Levels: Overcome 120 levels of escalating difficulty. 
  • Ricochet Shooting: Use walls and obstacles to your advantage as bullets bounce and hit zombies.
  • Atmospheric Setting: Get engrossed in the spooky nighttime backdrop that adds to the game’s eerie charm. 
  • Headshots: Precise shooting is rewarded with faster zombie kills. 
  • Engaging Gameplay: The game’s design encourages strategic play and quick reactions.

In Stupid Zombies, the undead may be brainless, but you’ll need to use yours to defeat them! Rack up points, aim for headshots, and keep those bullets bouncing to survive through the haunting levels. Time to gear up and get shooting!

Release date

December 2019




All devices

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